Dream Drop Interview

For posterity:

Dream Drop Team Interview

We asked Producer Jeff Pomegranate, Programmers Lin Chear and Young Kim, Artists Mike and Vanessa Maglio, User-Interface Designer Skye Lee, Audio Director Carey Chico, and Level Designer Mike Flores about these and other aspects of Dream Drop, in which evil Nite Terrors have invaded the Dreamscape, keeping everyone awake and in fear. Playing as Fiona, it’s up to players to fight them off through more than 120 levels of increasing difficulty. As players rock on, Fiona gains terror-trouncing power-ups and companions in her quest to save the world one bedroom at a time.


ITunes Connect Gotchas: In-App Purchases

Note to self:

when setting up In-App purchases make sure that the in-app item’s Product ID begins with the App’s Product ID.

That is, if your app’s product id is com.example.project1, your in-app item’s product ID MUST BE: com.example.project1.item1

Also, pay mind that this is case sensitive! Failure to do so will lead to the product id being listed as invalid from the SKProductsResponse response object, leading to countless hours banging your head on your desk wondering what is set up wrong….

It might be a good idea to edit your Info.plist such that the CFBundleIdentifier is explicitly set to the intended Product Id.