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Trials and Tribulations

I built my current machine 3 years ago in the winter of 2017. It had been running like a champ for all those years, but one day, while editing a video in Davinci Resolve, I noticed things were just chugging. Super slow.

I went to look at the resource manager and was confused when I noticed there was 8GB of RAM available and 8GB of RAM hardware reserved.


I tried different things, reseating the RAM, clearing BIOS, fidgeting with BIOS settings. Then suddenly the computer failed to POST (Power-ON-Self-Test). I swapped the memory into single channel RAM mode (slots 1, 2) and it booted up with full RAM available. Ehhhh…. This was not right.

2 months pass by of Googling, BIOS updates, Firmware updates to no avail. Then one day — yesterday in fact — I decided to down clock the RAM to 2133Mhz from the 2400Mhz. I *thought* I had been running and placed the memory into dual channel mode (slots 1, 3) …

BOOM, machine booted up. All 16GB of RAM was available and CPU-ID confirms it’s running in dual channel mode. Ok. Maybe I had been running at 2133Mhz all this time but forgot. The moral of this story is, I let this bother me for 2 months, but I finally “fixed” it. In the meanwhile, I have 64GB of RAM on the way from Amazon because 16GB for editing 4K videos in Davinci Resolve is still too low.

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Surface Pro 7 – First Impressions

I picked up a Surface Pro 7 (Core i7 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD) for the purpose of on-the-go development. If you’re interested in my impression check out the video above.

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5 Minute Tech Crafts – Raspberry Pi + Blog!

Get WordPress running in 3-ish simple steps

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